Health Services (All Health Services are Offered Free)

Nurse on Duty (N.O.D.)

Several local Home Health Agencies will send a nurse that volunteers every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of each month to assist seniors with blood pressure monitoring, Oxygen levels and Glucose monitoring, these programs are from 9:30-10:30.

Health Fairs

We have at least one health fair a year. All tests are offered free of charge and include cholesterol screening, glucose test, PSA test, Balance check, glaucoma and vision checks, depression screening, etc. We will have the health fair in the summer and hope you can join us in order to maintain your health.


Throughout the month we will have various speakers that will discuss topics that are not only informational but very helpful to seniors. Some of the topics have included wills, living wills, tax questions, nutrition, scams, safety tips just to mention a few.