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Tabitha Jennette
Accounting Clerk

The City Tax Collector’s office performs a variety of accounting, finance and administrative work and records management for the City of Dickson.

Office Hours : Monday-Friday 7:30am-4:20pm

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Property Tax

The Tax Collector’s office handles the collection of all real and personal property taxes due within the city limits of Dickson. The City of Dickson Council sets the tax rate, usually in July of each year. The State of Tennessee Division of Property Assessment prepares the tax roll and we mail notices to property owners by November 1st. Taxes are due and payable without penalty from November 1st through March 31st of the tax year. Penalty and interest will be added to any delinquent taxes at a rate of l½% per month after delinquency date.

When paying property taxes in person, please bring your tax notice with you. If you mail your payment, please write the receipt number on your check.

If you have a change in your mailing address, please notify our office. You also need to notify the Assessor’s Office at 615-789-7015.

Property Tax Relief Program

State law provides for property tax relief to low-income homeowners age 65 or over, certain homeowners who are permanently and totally disabled and certain disabled veterans. If you believe you may qualify for this relief, please contact our office for details. Applications for property tax relief must be filed prior to the delinquency date.

Public Utilities

The Comptroller of the Treasurer with the State of Tennessee assesses public utilities. Upon receiving notification from the Comptroller, bills are mailed to companies for ad valorem taxes. This usually occurs in January of each year.

Business Tax

On June 25, 2009, Governor Bredesen signed Public Chapter 530, shifting the administration and collection of business tax from local municipalities and counties to the Department of Revenue. Beginning January 2010, annual business tax returns will now be filed with the taxes paid to the Tennessee Department of Revenue. Businesses will continue to obtain new business licenses from the County Clerk and/or City Officials. For more detailed information, please visit the Department of Revenue’s website at The Department of Revenue may also be reached by calling 615/253-0600.

If you operate a business in the City of Dickson and gross $3,000 or more in a taxable year, you must file an application for a business license. A minimum tax of $15.00 is due and payable within 20 days of opening a business. If a business operates from a home within the city limits of Dickson, a Home Occupancy Waiver must also be signed and notarized.

Application for Business Tax License click here.
Home Occupancy Waiver click here.
Department of Revenue Business Tax Return Forms click here.

Rates and Due Dates:

Tax Period
Due Date
1B & 1C

Peddlers, etc.

It is unlawful for any peddler, canvasser, solicitor or transient vendor to ply his/her trade within the corporate limits without first obtaining a permit. An Application for Permit for Peddler, Canvasser, Solicitor or Transient Merchant must be filed with the City Tax Collector's Office which shall be referred to the Chief of Police for investigation. Investigation findings will be reported to the City Tax Collector's Office within 72 hours. Applicant will provide the City Tax Collector with a Surety Bond running to the City of Dickson in the amount of $10,000 along with a $250.00 permit fee. After approval, a 14 day permit will be issued.

Exemptions: Permits are not applicable to persons selling at wholesale to dealers, nor to newsboys, nor to bona fide merchants who merely deliver goods in the regular course of business, nor to bona fide charitable, religious, patriotic or philanthropic organizations.

However, those who are exempt from obtaining a permit are still required to notify the City Tax Collector's Office of their intent.

Locally grown produce vendors must sell and locate within the current local farmer's market. You may contact the UT Extension-Dickson County Office at 204 Henslee Drive, Dickson, TN or by calling 615/446-2788.

Annual Beer And Liquor Privilege Tax

The annual beer and liquor privilege tax is collected in the City Tax Collector’s office. Renewal notices are mailed to all beer and liquor permit holders in December. Privilege tax must be paid by December 31st.

Hotel / Motel Tax

A privilege tax of 2.50% is charged to local hotels and motels to be be paid monthly to the City of Dickson. Such tax is to be paid by the 20th of each month for the preceding month. Download the form*...

Miscellaneous Receipts

All in lieu of tax payments are receipted in the Tax Collector’s Office. These include gas, electric, housing, TVA, etc. Beer and liquor taxes are collected monthly. Also, State of Tennessee checks and sales tax from Dickson County Trustees’s Office are deposited through the City Tax Collector’s Office.

General Information

Maps of the City of Dickson with Dickson County on the reverse side are available upon request at no charge.

Up to date tax maps of the city limits of Dickson are also available for viewing.

Our staff is always available to assist in any way needed. Please fee free to call or email for any additional information. We are open for any suggestions or comments that would make our website more helpful to you.

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